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I am Agnes and am a model for 5 years now. I am also Miss San Francisco Beauties of The Nation, Miss Germany International and United States Miss. I am 23 years old, am Chinese German and speak 3 languages fluently. I graduated with Honors Magna Cum Laude in Finance and Marketing and during the daytime am a financial advisor and creator of my anti bullying campaign “Stand Up 2 Bullying".
I want to be a model, because I want to inspire others to dream big and always follow your heart and passion! Bullied as a young child due to my appearance and petite frame, I never felt beautiful. However I overcame my fear of rejections and underestimations, worked hard and am blessed to work with numerous designers and brands. My story has been published in several magazines and everytime I get a personal letter from a fan, I am so glad that through my modeling I can make a positive difference in people's lives! =)
I still face a lot of rejections due to my height. Hence my vision is to change the modeling and fashion industry, so that everyone regardless of height and shape can pursue their dream and feel beautiful. Models should represent everyone and many young girls are looking up to models and due to the image of perfection, many young girls are bullied and feel the pressure to be flawless. Therefore I feel that we as models have the responsibility to depict inclusivity as well as celebrate each other’s unique differences and flaws. How boring and monotone would the world be if everyone is perfect? =)
Some of my accomplishments are:
Miss Germany International 2014
Miss San Francisco Beauties of The Nation 2013.