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My name is Alisha khan.
I am 19old, I wanna've become an actress really badly Because That is my dream since childhood. I love acting and I am a great dancer. I live in Sweden. I plan on Becoming a good dancer but my dream is to've've become a bollywood actress. I have no idea how to come about this. I do not know where to start. but after that i do not know what the least to step on. There is none. I can move to India, but I can possibly visit India for a month first. Even if I was in India how would I know where the auditions are so I could Atleast try for a role.
What is your family.
I'm half Indian half somalia,my dad is india,

Your height, weight, hair and eye color.
1:57, 47, black, dark brown,
I go dancing has gone 9year
Dancehall freestyle in 9year. and now start ballet
Languages ??
i Speak Engish, Swedish, Somali, I understand hindi well but i can talk a little onley