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29 Years Old
South Africa
I drive german, dress italian, drink russian, kiss french... lol

I\'m a realist, i believe in tradition. I\'m friendly and remember dates.
I\'m an emotional person and a risk taker. I can be a bit insecure (not a good thing). I\'m a GREAT LISTENER.

I\'M NOT WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT. I\'m just the girl all the boys want to dance with... lol
I\'ve loved, lost and learned.

My priorities in life are family, fiance, friends, career and food... I love to have fun. I flirt with everyone GET OVER IT.
I am horrible at making decisions, if I don\'t like you then you will probably know it as long as you don\'t p*ss me off we can be the best of friends.

I like guys but they can be too much to handle sometimes. I\'m happy but not when I\'m sad. I\'m shy until you get to know me, then I come out of my shell.

I am a smart girl, I notice things easily... I am very very picky (extremely..) I\'m a perfectionist. I am a very curious person I am myself, if you don\'t like me then DON\'T talk to me (coz I ain\'t changing)...
I\'m really outgoing and most likely I will talk to you.
If you mean to me, most likely I\'ll be mean to you so lets just say... I\'m a pretty awesome person.