Charlotte believes that inspiration is all around you. There is beauty in everything. With her introverted , occasionally goofy yet laid back personality, we will never know what she has up her sleeve.  Although she is the type to surprise people, she also believes strongly in transparency in her business. She believes she should never have anything in her life that she has to hide from the public.
Aside from her looks, what truly makes her unique? :
Before modeling, she attended bar-tending school and gained experience as a bartender working at weddings and private parties while cheer leading and gaining experience as an all star cheer leading coach coach and a cheerleader for 13 years.
Using her ingenuity, to create bartenderbabes (.net) she introduces it in 2013.
Char Louise is not only a model and a business  owner and CEO to Bartender babes, but also has 2 other businesses. One of which is all star cheer-leading , and is a spokes model for  BEST Magazine.
From her creative photos, fashion shows, spokes modeling, and from modeling for brands such as CHANEL and VERSACE, you can expect to see much more from this beauty in her lifetime.
Her goal she says is “Just to reach my highest potential in the industry, and in life“
Age: 24  -  City: El Cajon
Region: California  -  Country: United States
Status: Professional
Will Accept: Paid work only
Eyes: Brown  -  Hair: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Very Long
Weight: 175lbs (79kg) (12.5st)
Height: 71in (5' 11") (180cm)
Bust/Chest: 38in (96cm)
Cup Size: C  -  Waist: 36in (91cm)
Hips: 39in (99cm)  -  Skin Colour: Tanned
Shoe Size: 10in  -  Dress Size: 10
Work Preference: Fitness Model
Stock Photo  -  Fashion  -  Runway  -  Print Magazine  /
Tel.: (21) 98590-1490
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