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My name is Dillon Thomas I am 19 years old. I have been a gymnastic coach since I was 16, I am one of the youngest USA Gymnastic certified coaches in NY State, I coach a team of 15 boys, I have sole responsibility for every aspect of their gymnastic training. My job duties include conditioning, training for level proficiency and traveling with the boys to coach them at competitive meets. I was a competition dancer for 2 years dancing hip hop, tap and with a female partner acro dance where the choreography included gymnastic stunts and lifts. For the last 6 years I have been participating in, a NYC born battle dance, Lite Feet. Lite Feet is a mix of dance styles including hip hop and flexing. Most Lite Feet dancers have a signature move,, mine is "power moves", I add gymnastic stunts into my dance routines. When I discovered Lite Feet on YouTube I was a volunteer in my community gang prevention program. I shared Lite Feet dance with my friends and we made Lite Feet popular among our community "at risk youth".

As I made plans for college I realized that in some fashion I have been performing my entire life and I have chosen to pursue a career as a performer with my focus on dance, modeling and acting. I am attending seminars, taking classes and working with photographers. I am working on a non exclusive basis with agency representatives and talent scouts and I attend every audition and go see that I am invited to.. My ideal job would be to collaborate with people who share my profound passion for the arts. I am young but my employment history, community service and athletic accomplishments demonstrate that I am driven, responsible and focused. I know that this is an competitive industry and a challenging career choice bur I have come to the realization that this is my calling. Performing is not what I do, being a performer is who I am.