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Jeanine Kilian
Height 58 CM(s)
Weight 48 KG(s)
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Length Very Long
Eye Color Brown
Ethnicity Other
Skin Color Tanned
Experience Experienced
Compensation Depends on Assignment
Available For: Art, Casual, Commercial, Fashion, Hair, Lingerie, Parts Modeling, Plus Model, Television.
In 2008 I joined a Marathon running club. The days that I didn’t run I went to gym for cardio or yoga. While I was exercising I saw some toned and muscular girls and wished that I could look like them. In July 2011 I walked by a woman and told her that she has a stunning figure and that she inspires me every day. She then told me that I could gym with her and that she would show me what to do, since then I am hooked on weight training. She told me about competitions, and to change my unhealthy way of living to a healthy and vibrant one. I am now exercising for my first competition in April 2012.
I love working out because I love the feeling of crossing a finish line or hitting my fastest mile or going farther than I've gone before. The sense of achievement I get, sends me soaring. It's like hitting the reset button on life, it’s definitely my number one stress reliever. Nothing clears my head or makes me calmer than a good sweaty workout. My skin looks healthier, I sleep better, I've found new friends through fitness it also gives me that extra “me time” to do something good for myself.