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LaDonna Allison


I am a fun, dynamic and open minded mature model with few boundaries--and eager to attempt new and exciting ideas. I may be old, but I am very bold.
And yes, I am fine with nudity. Love it. I don't show pink or do porn, but open for just about anything else.
I always bring Barefootbill as an escort when i am shooting with photog for the first time. Bill is an experienced model and actor who never intrudes and as a mentor, he has broadened my perspective and urged me to push my limits. He encouraged me to realize that saying "YES" is usually a lot more fun than saying "no."
I once only dreamed of being a nude model and actor--and now I am doing things I have never dreamed of, not even in my wildest fantasies.
I always sign releases and love my pics shared.
Let's use our imaginations to create great art.