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Hi there :-)
33 Years  - Johannesburg - South Africa
Thank you for taking the time to view my profile and hopefully you enjoy my portfolio.
I am full time Personal Trainer and have a passion for the fitness industry. Modelling is another of my passions but is merely a fun and exciting artistic expression and hobby. I personally do not like the modelling/photography industry as it filled with pretentious, competitive and slanderous people who think they are God's gift to earth.
For me modelling and photography should be about embracing our uniqueness, our external and internal beauty and perceptions. However this industry breaks more people down, than it inspires people to be them greater-selves. For this reason I work with a few selected tog's, MUA's and H.S's whom are professional, humble, decent and just down right awesome people.
I use ModelBase as a platform to exhibit the collaborative work I have done with the togs I work with.
However if you would like to photograph me, you are more than welcome to contact me. We will met face to face and take it from there if both of us are in agreement. Always keen to meet people who share this passion.
Please also keep in mind I will no longer do anymore generic and stale concepts - those are for expressionless clones. I would love to re-visit the earlier days of my modelling journey, fuse that with my life experience and start creating meaningful work that has something to say. I am so past the pretty lingerie pose, angel wings, train tracks and GWC's...