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Niqi Krystine
26 years
Oregon, US
I have a set beginning, and a set ending...
in the middle is my journey to create life and beauty and art....
Let me be clear. I am not excessively tall, or brilliantly thin.
.......I am a proud curvy, sexy woman.
I run, do yoga, dance, hike, bike and follow a nutritionist for my diet....and I will never starve myself or crash diet for your shoot.
I am interested in creating something unique and powerful. Whatever that may be.
In working with others that have passion and vision.
I know my look is not for everyone, but it works perfectly for me. If, like me you want to create something individual, message me for rates or with your ideas.
I love to hear your ideas and I like something to work off. If we work together we will need some sort of idea/concept/something, so I can bring my A-game.
If we've never met, I'll probably be bringing an escort. Sometimes I will bring an escort even if we have met. My escort will act more like a personal assistant during the shoot. My escort will not disturb the shoot, will help carry my bag/towel/shoes/blanket/makeup, or whatever I may need to make the shoot flow more smoothly and help keep me in the right outfit and makeup at the right time.
I know Central Oregon. I grew up here. If you need an idea of a place, please ask and I would love to help you find the right spot.
Without a viable reason, I don't do nudes for free. Message me for rates...or if you think you have a viable reason, or great concept.