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Aloha, my name is Wanalee. I was born in Thailand, but raised on beautiful, Big Island, Hawaii. I started modeling since childhood with Focus Hawaii Modeling and Talent Agency. I stopped associating with the agency at 18, but still continued to model with different photographers building their porfolio as they help me build mine. I consider myself an artist.To me, modeling is definetely a form of art. I would say I am a big risk taker when it comes to taking photos. Yes, I do nude modeling, however it has to look tasteful and classy. I WILL NOT DO ANY PORNOGRAPHY OR ANY PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES! Thank you :) Other talents of mine that I would love to explore futher is acting and music. Although I do love Hawaii and many of the activites here, there is very limited opportunities here. I know I must get out in the world and get off this rock in the middle of the Pacific. Currently, I am saving enough money to get out of Hawaii to pursue my career as an entertainer. Overall, i want to participate in modeling, acting, and even music. I figured if i could do it all, why not just go for it?
I've shot with many local photographer as well as jewlery and bikinis for local companies in Hawaii. I can act, but haven't gotten too much into that. I auditioned for a movie recently and got shorlisted top 5 out of 50. I am just waiting to be noticed. Being all the way in Hawaii makes it a little difficult.
Age: 21
Country: United States
Status: Semi Professional
Level: Very Experienced
Will Accept: Depends on assignment
Work Preference: Fitness Model, Stock Photo, Fashion, Runway, Print Magazine, Swimwear, Lingerie, Glamour, Nude, Parts Modeling, Hair, Topless